Mithila Review 14: The Journal of International Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Mithila Review publishes excellent science fiction, fantasy, poetry, reviews, excerpts, and articles from award-winning and emerging writers around the world. Issue 14 of Mithila Review contains:


"Your Dinner" by Derek Anderson

"Iterations" by Christian Monson

"The Call to Neigh" by Daniel McKay

"Mother’s Blood" by Elijah Petty

"Things Not to Say" by Amy Collini

"Blood Relations" by J. Check

"The Trial of Tesslin VanGlaise" by Chloé Agar

"As Dark As Hunger" by S. Qiouyi Lu


"uncas" by Kate Shannon

"cinderella" by Archita Mittra

"Different Boxes" by Rachel Rodman

"Mare Anguis" by Josh Pearce

"Corvid Dreams" by Jennifer Crow

"Still Life" by Pia Bhatia


"Eclectic Modern Folktales: 2020: An Anthology, edited by Foo Sek Han and Leon Wing" by Prashanth Gopalan

"The Princess and the Frog: A Review of Gorel and the Pot Bellied God" by Anthony Perconti