Philosophy Booster Courses Combo Package

₹ 17,999

This package consists of the following booster courses:
1. Epoche
2. Rapid Revision Programme


Online + Offline
It is a quality enrichment program
It consists of 8 unit wise & 4 composite tests, each 3 hr duration based on UPSC pattern
Evaluation followed by comprehensive discussion and personal feedback

Rapid Revision Programme
This Rapid Revision Program takes your preparation of Philosophy Optional to the next level and brings it on par with the level of rigour UPSC expects of you in your answers.

You will first go through our open class on answer writing tips. Then, we take you through a recording of our LAWS sessions where we discuss threadbare almost the complete syllabus through questions and their framework. You can then write 8 sectional tests on different parts of the syllabus and compare it with the model answers and their threadbare discussion. The whole process of LAWS and 8 sectional tests is repeated again.

Once you have gone through this process, you are ready to take two full length mocks which will be evaluated by us and personal feedback provided.

We are confident, that once you complete this program, you will be poised to score exceptionally well in the mains exam.