A Legacy of Law - Coffee table book-Tracing the History of the Bombay Bar Association over more than 150 years (for customers OUTSIDE Mumbai)

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Celebrating the Sesquicentenary (1866-2016) of Bombay Bar Association.

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The Supreme Court of Bombay was established on 8th May 1824. Four Barristers and an Advocate General were sworn in on 10th May 1824 as practitioners of that court. With only these five members, who constituted the Bar of the Supreme Court of Bombay, began the 'Bombay Bar'. It came to be called as the 'Bombay Bar Association'(BBA) much later, around 1920.

One of the oldest Bar associations in the country, the Bombay Bar Association is commemorating the sesquicentenary of its recorded history. The Minute Books of this illustrious institution are available from 1866-the first handwritten record of the Bar, practicing on the Original Side of the Bombay High Court today, in elegant calligraphy.

From Holding meetings in the Clerk of Crown's Room to conducting conferences and workshops in the Common Room on the third floor of the Bombay High Court building, the Association has come a long way.

This book takes you through significant moments in its journey over past three centuries, highlighting the courage of fraternity and the spirit of camaraderie-the hallmarks of this association.