English Apple: 400 Sentences, 540 Compound words, idioms, words, Auxiliaries

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The only vocabulary building app an intermediate learner of English will ever need.

 The section of this application depend on vocabulary building and sentence making. This application will be useful for learners, intermediate and propelled speakers. It will be utilised by understudy, a representative, a business visionary and a typical man.

As we all know after Alphabets, vocabulary building is the second step in learning a language. This English Apple application has numerous highlights to enable you to learn English rapidly. If you have decided to communicate in English in 30 days, you can go for this application and accomplish your objective a lot prior. This application will help student in debate, presentation and useful for cutting edge student to enhance familiarity as well as an employee, entrepreneur and a common man.
The English Apple packs are;
*Common idioms 50
*Compound words 540
*Commonly utilized sentences 400
*Most used words in Newspaper
With clear explanation and interactive exercises, a glossary of vocabulary words and a study guide to help you decide which vocabulary units you need to study.