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One November evening, a curious observer loses himself in the crowded lanes of Assam, trying to find that one elusive visual, symbol or object that could possibly reflect the identity of an entire state. As a visual communicator, he sets out to question – how should one design forms? Why should forms reflect local culture in an increasingly globalized world? While traveling across India, the observer finds himself questioning the obscure interplay between culture, identity, communication, advertising, and urbanization. A consumerist visual aesthetic unsettles him, thus he begins to look for an alternative. He finds it not in the work of ‘trained’ designers but in the creations of the local artisans. Subsequently, it becomes strikingly evident how market forces constantly shape the visual culture of a region. This realization compels him to ask, “Did anyone ask my city before putting up those advertising hoarding?”

Free preview pages: 1-23, 132-135
The full book is in making, I am trying to rewrite some parts of the book
so the context of my thought can be clarified. This is an outcome of feedback from my readers, whom I had shared digital copies of the book.

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