Mohan Singhal


Consultant/Service Provider - Recruitment, Training, Video development and its Training, Skill Development, Website, Logo, Graphics, Business Development, Launch of New Product/Company and Real Estate Related Services.
  • Create Video with Camtasia 9 -Advanced-Video Course-Additional Videos
  • Create Videos with Camtasia 9-Awesome Video Course of 42 Modules
  • Camtasia 9 Exposure Workshop for Creating Lessons, Tutorials, Training, Screen-cast, Live Action and Promotional Videos
  • Customized Video with your Text and Logo-Art Expo Speech Rectangular
    Min 1,000
  • Customized Video with Your Text and Logo-Balloon Text Loop
    Min 1,000
  • Learn to Create Your "Product Review" Video
  • Learn to Create Your Software Demo/Website Tutorial
  • Learn to Create Tutorials, Lessons, Training Courses with Camtasia 9
  • Learn how to create Promotional Videos, Lessons Videos, Tutorials and Product Demonstrations Videos
  • Do You Want to Collect Payment Online @ Websites, WhatsApp, Fa­cebook, Linkedin and Other Social Networking Platforms ??
  • Training on How to Earn through Logo Designing-Introduct­ory Session about the Scope and Earning Potential
    Min 1,400
  • Training on How to Collect Payment Online at Websites, WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin & Other Social Networking Platforms
  • Consultation through Skype for 30 Minutes
  • Autoresponders for Business Crash Course
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