Tot Labs Diwali Sparkle Digital Bundle for children!

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This unique Diwali Digital Bundle includes 3 amazing products for our children to learn about Diwali in a fun, simple, non-preachy way!
- "All about Diwali" during a pandemic - this fun story book gives simple facts about Diwali especially emphasizing about the current pandemic (and how it should not deter our festive spirits). This eBook comes in two variants - a PDF version as well as a FlipBook version that can be viewed on all devices! The Children will have LOTS of FUN flipping the ebook pages & reading the lines! The story book talks about the current pandemic along with the 5 days of Diwali. At the end of the story book the children get 5 fun tasks to do - one for each day of Diwali. Perfect for ages 2-10 years.

  • Diwali Activity Bundle - This is a 50-page bundle full of fun facts & activities themed around Diwali. The bundle has two sections - a printable section as well as non-printable, so one can enjoy the activities with or without a printer! The bundle has lots of coloring pages, activity prompts, math & sorting activities to name a few.

  • Mindfulness ToolKit for little Children - This beautiful resource has prayers, shlokas, yoga poses & mindfulness prompts. There are in total 15 rituals - each of them are simple, non-preachy & fun!