Help to feed our Daily Wage Earning Families

    Pay What You Want

    Need help for our daily wage-earning families and those affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic, Animal Save Movement and Swabhimaan Trust join hands to reach out to those in need. We will supply food, groceries, vegetables, and fruits for daily wage-earning families in Bengaluru who are suffering from:

    a) no daily income and hence no way of surviving beyond a few days

    b) finding the rates of groceries, vegetables, and fruits in open market too high to afford

    These are families of living in slum areas. Volunteers from Animal Save Movement will coordinate with Swabhimaan Trust to distribute the food/groceries and vegetables.

    Your money will go towards feeding the poor and delivering groceries and daily items.
    A meal will contain:
    1 fruit
    1 pot meal with whole grains, dal, and vegetables

    Groceries and daily needs:
    Whole grains

    We need approximately ₹3600 per family of 4 members for a month.

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    Be Blessed by the Divine,