Rabindrasangeet Swarabitan for Professionals

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Tagore's music has always been an inspiration to the humanity across the globe. Share the App and help us to spread the music of Rabindranath Tagore to every human lives possible. This app is a small initiative in that direction taken by Musicool.

Key Benefits:

This is the first mobile app in the history of world where you will get all the notations.

You will get more than hundred fifty staff notations.

As well as you can find, view and post events in the 'anusthan' page.

In this app you will get the most authentic information as it is created by the Rabindrasangeet Research Scholars from Visva Bharati.

This application is developed for your convenience. You can find any song and it's lyrics, notation, staff notation, information, video/audio links etc. within few clicks.

You can find any Rabindrasangit as per 'barnanukramik talika', 'kalanukramik talika', 'parjaykramik talika', 'raag-sur', 'taal' etc.

You can create your own list of favorite songs.

You can listen and watch any Rabindrasangit video in the 'links' page.