Geography of Rajasthan Solved Question for RPSC RAS Mains Exam

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RPSC RAS Mains Exam Practice Solved Questions as per Syllabus.
we have covered the whole syllabus of RPSC RAS Mains Geography of Rajasthan in this eBook.
200+ Geography of Rajasthan Solved Questions in 50/100/250 Words.

Some Sample Questions:

  1. Which are the Products obtained from forests of Rajasthan?
  2. Write down on Instrumented Earthquakes in Rajasthan.
  3. What is the catchment area of a river?
  4. Write Notes about the Seismic Faults in Rajasthan.
  5. Write down the list of Districts of Rajasthan touched the boundary with other States.
  6. What causes temperature variation?
  7. Describe the physical feature Aravali Range and Bhorat Plateau of Rajasthan.
  8. How are the seasons formed?
  9. What are the deposits of Beryllium in Rajasthan?
  10. What is the difference between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park?
  11. What are dunes? Explain different type of dunes.
  12. Describe Luni Basin area.
  13. Why most of the world’s tropical deserts located on the Western margins of continents?
  14. What are the Ghaggar Plains?
  15. Describe the Eastern Plains of Rajasthan.
  16. What do you know about Southeastern Rajasthan Pathar or Hadoti Plateau, Comment?
  17. Describe the Southern Aravali Range and which the main hill ranges of it are?
  18. The Climate Change Agenda task forces constituted for which sectors?
  19. Climatic Regions of Rajasthan based on Rainfall Intensity
  20. What is the difference between Reserved, Protected and Unclassified forest Areas?
  21. Koeppen’s Classification of climatic regions of Rajasthan
  22. What is the Rajasthan State Water Policy 2010?
  23. What is the distribution of Rainfall in Rajasthan?
  24. What are the features of humidity in Rajasthan?
  25. Which factors affecting the climate of Rajasthan?
  26. Describe the drainage system of Rajasthan.
  27. Write short notes on Mez River
  28. Write the name of Rajasthani Rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea.
  29. K.S. Valdiya Committee report says Saraswati River did exist. What are the key points of this report?
  30. Describe the Salt Water Lakes of Rajasthan.
  31. Write in brief about Fateh Sagar Lake.
  32. What is the definition and features of national park?
  33. Describe the Ranthambore National Park
  34. What is Soil Health Card (SHC) scheme?
  35. Will the farmer get a card every year and for every crop?
  36. What is a soil test laboratory?
  37. Who and Where will the soil sample be tested?
  38. What is the Classification and problems of Soils of Rajasthan?
  39. Write about Indira Gandhi Canal Project.
  40. Which are the deposits of Gypsum in Rajasthan?
  41. Write about the Rajasthan’s two principal crop seasons.
  42. How Aravalli hills are formed?
  43. Write the features and motives of first biological Park of Rajasthan?
  44. Which are the Highest and Low Density cities of Rajasthan as per Census 2011?
  45. Write down the Flora and fauna of Thar Desert?
  46. What is the Soil Classification of Rajasthan in detail?
  47. Describe the physiographic character of Rajasthan and also mention the Importance of Aravali Mountain?
  48. Describe the role of RICCO in the industrial development of Rajasthan
  49. Write down the Introduction of Aravalli Range and Hilly Region.
  50. Write down the detailed features and location of Major Dams in Rajasthan?
  51. Describe the main source of power generation in Rajasthan?
  52. How many villages have benefitted from the Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan?

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