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RPSC RAS/RTS Mains Examination Solved Practice Questions for General Studies Paper.
200+ Solved Questions as per trending topics and previous year paper analysis.

Sample Questions:
Discuss the classical dichotomy that money is neutral.
Write short Notes on demographic Scenario of Rajasthan.
What is the difference between private and social cost-benefit?
What is the role of NITI Aayog?
How is subsidy better than tariff to achieve domestic objectives?
Analyse the Industrial Development & Economic Growth in Rajasthan.

What is the Green revolution? Analyse the impact of green revolution.
What do you understand by Tax expenditure? Comment on its relevance?
Critically analyse that Rajasthan is now at a crossroads and faces serious challenges to sustaining rapid and inclusive growth.
Suggest solutions to deal with the structural challenges of the Indian economy.
Rajasthan’s growth performance and its record on poverty reduction distinguish it from India’s other low-income states (LIS). Why?
What is Universal base income? Why it was suggested and what is its advantage?
Indian economy is facing lot of challenges including structural challenges. Outline the structural challenges of Indian economy.
Why twin deficit is a concern for any economy? Outline the methods adopted by Government of India to deal with twin deficit.
Why does make in India is essential for sustained growth of India?
Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna (SSY)
What were the objectives of Demonetisation? What were the positive effects?
What is the difference between FDI and FII?
What explains Rajasthan’s strong record in poverty reduction?
What is SEBI? Write down its functions
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY)
What is PPP model? What are the advantages of PPP?
What is PPP? Certain issues are faced by PPP. Examine that.
What is MUDRA? Discuss its significance
What is Inverted duty structure? How it has impacted Indian manufacturing over the years.
What are the challenges to the long-term sustainability of Rajasthan’s growth Performance?
What is interest subvention scheme? Discuss its salient features
What is Industrial revolution 4.0? Major components of IR 4.0 what are the advantages for India?
What is globalisation? Examine its impact on the pattern of employment.
What is gender budgeting? What is the rationale behind gender budgeting?
What is FRBM act? Why the objectives of FRBM were not achieved.
What is fiscal consolidation? Provide the ways to achieve it?
What is financial inclusion? How financial inclusion can lead to inclusive growth?
What are the main industries and crops of Rajasthan?
Which one of the following cattle product is main product of Rajasthan?
What is production possibility of an economy?
What are the some main challenges before agriculture sector in Rajasthan?
How can the paradox of value be resolved?
What are the three types of benefits provided by Social Security?
Why the Need of new Inland Container Depots in Rajasthan?
What are the Main renewable energy sources?
What is inclusive and exclusive growth?
Write short notes on Crop Specific Growth in Rajasthan?
What is the effect of inflation on the economy?
What is the difference between absolute and relative pay?
What is social and economic development?
Analyse the Rajasthan’s inclusive growth in relation to fiscal policy?
What are the three indicators of HDI?
What are the major factors of globalization?
What are the main industries and crops of Rajasthan?
RBI eases ECB hedging norms for companies. Explain
How has the Green Revolution affected India?
What are the basic objectives of Five year Plans?
Which industry is the major source of employment in Rajasthan?
Describe the Special Area Development Programmes in Rajasthan.
How many districts of Rajasthan are covered by Thar Desert?
What is Gini coefficient and what is the definition?
What are the Components of Human Development?
What are the various industries in Rajasthan?
CAATSA was recently in news. What is CAATSA? How it will affect India?
What is the main occupation of Rajasthan?
Agriculture Ministry takes back report on impact of demonetization on farmers.
Explain in detail the methods to calculate National Income.
In which industry of Rajasthan sodium sulphide is used as raw material?
What causes a kinked demand curve?
Which are the SC, ST, OBC and EBC Welfare initiative taken by government of Rajasthan?
Bhamashah scheme launched in Rajasthan
Demonetisation came when world was showing resilience towards negative growth environment. What were the reasons for demonetisation?
What is the difference between FDI and FII?
Examine the role of startup as driver of growth.
Which are the recently welfare Education initiatives of Rajasthan Government?
What is MUDRA? Discuss its significance
What is PPP model? What are the advantages of PPP?
What factors contribute the most to economic growth?
IL&FS Crisis and role of National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)
What is the Land Use Pattern in Rajasthan?
What are the Macro Indicators of Economic Development?
What is per capita income with example?
What is opportunity cost and why is it important?
What are the Mains causes of infant mortality?
What are IMR and MMR?
What are the advantage and disadvantage of PPP?
Describe the Money Illusion with example.
What are the goals of the central bank?
What are the Fiscal Indicators of Rajasthan in 2018-19?
What is interest subvention scheme for farmers?
Explain the different type of subsidies as per WTO agreements
What is ease of living index meaning?
What are the causes of unemployment in India?
What are the achievements of green revolution?
What is the impact of demonetization?
Write short notes on Agriculture, Farmer and Animal Husbandry.
What are the steps taken by the government to reduce unemployment?

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