Premium tele-talk ( 1/2 hrs with any number of questions and for anyone)

₹ 11,000

(This is a life time opportunity to have a one to one personalized interaction with our expert , the one and only famous Astrologer and Tarot Card reader Acharye Nandita Pandey, reknowned the world over for her accurate readings.

She is also blessed with and famous for her natural energy healing flow while the conversation is being made… As the energy exchange takes place, while one is in conversation with her… just by speaking to her, one finds instant relief and peace in life, that’s the magic of her spiritual connect.

Speak your heart out, discuss all your problems, there are no question limits, only time limit. Have a one to one conversation with her at the convenience of your home and create peace, love, happiness, success in your life by getting personalized astrological solutions directly from her. )