Vaastu analysis through Map Reading (residential) through Space Energy Healing Vaastu

₹ 7,000

( Space Energy healing is the New Age Vaastu which scans the energies of a place by energy scanning a map and gives corrective measures and rectification to nullify its effects.

Vaastu of a house/ office is more effective when it is combined with the astrological chart of the owner of the space. The map reading brings to you threefold advantages of conventional vaastu, Astro-Vaastu and energy scans….

Not only this , it also holds manifold advantages as the seeker is also guided with various other vaastu rectification remedies like Pyra Vaastu, Mirror therapy, colour therapy, plant therapy, Fengshui therapy, crystal therapy, water therapy , yantra therapy and much more… All these factors combined in together gives and additional benefit to the seeker and is a sure shot way of living a happy and harmonious life. )