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What's Inside Viraleze?

Module 1 - Basic of Instagram Account
1. Type of Instagram account
2. How to choose your niche (Niche Selection)
3. Crafting your Perfect Bio

Module 2 - Content Creation
1. Types of Content
2. Apps to Create Content
3. How to Generate 1 month of Content in Under 30 minutes

Module 3 - How to grow your Instagram account/ Instagram Growth Hacks Revealed
1. By following the right account
2. By using the power of relevant hashtags
3. By building your relationship with your followers
4. Instagram contest and giveaways

Module 4 - How to Leverage Instagram Stories & Go live on Instagram
1. Instagram Stories
2. Go LIve on Instagram
3. Right use of Call To Action

Module 5 - How to Increase your organic reach on Instagram
1. Going Viral & getting on explore page
2. Reposting the Viral content
3. Being a part of Engagement groups
4. S4S & 1V1
5. Getting 1K- 25K Likes on every post
6. Shadow banning

Module 6 - How to Earn through Instagram
1. How to earn through shoutouts
2. Buying & Selling Instagram Account
3. Providing Instagram Account Management services

Module 7 - Traffic
1. How to Get More Free Traffic using CTA Videos
2. How to Get More Free Traffic Using Stories
3. How to Get More Free Traffic using Images
4. How to Get More Traffic using Instagram Mutual Shoutouts

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