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A Unique Done-for-You Email Box to kill the social media’s dependency over your business with guided, Step by Step Training & Copy Paste Done For You Resources + Email Swipes

It is a content platform that provides everything you need to succeed in email marketing.

Whether you're an experienced marketer or just getting started.

We've got the resources you need to build, manage and grow your email list.

✅ 20+ Lead Magnets along with 7 days email swipes and opt-in pages respectively
✅ 100+ Pre-written broadcast emails along with Bonus Nurturing sequences
✅ 50+ Pre-written Sales Emails
✅ DFY Webinar email Series (more than 7 days)
✅. Step by step training to set-up everything from scratch (even newbies can do it)
✅. Proven methods to nurture any sequence
✅ Step by step Training on Automation
✅. Art of Monetisation

Here is the quick run-through of what you will get in DFY Email Box!

Intro Section
1: Intro Video
2: Difference b/w Sales and Marketing
3: Email Marketing In-depth

Module 1: Make a List!
1: Email Marketing Ebook and Audiobook to Get Started!
2: Anatomy of List and List Building
3: How to Start a New Journey?
4: Start a Lead Generation Campaign
5: Needful Stuff to start your Lead Generation Campaign
6: What is Email AutoResponder?

Module 2: Nurture a List!
1:How Autoresponder solves the problem of nurturing in a few clicks!
2: How to set up DFY Automation Sequences on Autoresponders
3: The Right Way to Nurture any LIST?

Module 3: Monetize a List!
1: Finding Best Affiliate Offers from Market Places
2: Sell Email Marketing as a Service and Grow Exponentially!
3: Understanding 'IOS 15' for emails and How to resolve them for your business
4: What’s Next?

Done for You Resources
1: 20+ Lead Magnets along with 7 days pre-written email sequence and optin page with each Lead Magnet
2: DFY Pre-written 100+ Broadcast Email Templates for Core Monetization
3: DFY 50+ Pre-written Sales Email Templates
4: DFY Pre-written Webinar emails to 10X ROI on Webinars
5: All Useful Links

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