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The Post - https://nooreshtech.co.in/2021/01/post-50000-sensex-boom-or-doom-research-report.html

Before I start talking about the current report. Let me take you through a couple of older strategic reports. 

Post 8000 Boom or Doom. Sept 2005 
We had come out with a very interesting report in 2005 calling a long term Bull Market. 

This report was done by Mr N S Fidai and me in our early days in the market. 

The report talks about how a 13 year breakout happened in 2005. Sensex had reached 8k for the first time. 

Can check the report on this link - QuickGains Post 8000 Boom or Doom. 

2) Indian Elections - Do they Change Trends in 2014. 

Similarly we came out with a detailed report in Indian Elections 2014. 

Can check the report on this link - Indian Elections do they Change Trends 

In 2021 - We are again standing at a big Milestone on Indian Equity Markets. 

We come out with an interesting and detailed strategy report. 

Post 50000 Boom or Doom. 

Nifty , Nifty 500, Nifty 50 USD, Midcap and Smallcap Indices. 
Earnings Surprise. 
Sectoral Charts - Nifty 
Large Cap Bets - Long Term Trends. 
Midcap Bets - 3 interesting long term turnarounds. 
Smallcaps - A Basket approach on a Cyclical Sector which is well placed for next 1-3 years. 
Can subscribe it for Rs 1999