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Complete Environment Material for OAS Prelims 2020

  1. Ecosystem and Ecology------------5 Biosphere Environment Ecology Ecosystem Ecological succession Ecotone, Edge Effect, Ecocline, Habitat, Niche Ecological level of organization Ecological Adaptation Interaction between Species
  2. Functions of an Ecosystem-------19 Energy flow Concept of biogeochemical cycles Ecological succession
  3. Ecosystems------------------------32 Terrestrial Ecosystem Aquatic Ecosystem Brackish Water Ecosystem
  4. Biodiversity-------------------------52 Types of Biodiversity Patterns of Biodiversity Biodiversity Hotspots Threat to Biodiversity Invasive species Effects of loss of Biodiversity Biodiversity Conservation IUCN Red List Types of Endangered Species in India Laws for Wildlife Conservation in India Most Endangered Wild Animal Species in India
  5. Environmental Pollution-----------73 Air Pollution Water Pollution Marine Pollution Land Degradation Noise Pollution Solid Waste Pollution Climate Change Ozone Layer Depletion Environment and Health
  6. International Organisations related to Environment----------------------107
  7. International Conventions related to Environment-------------------------115
  8. Current Updates related to Environment-------------------------123