OAS Prelims Foundation Programme

₹ 799

OAS Prelims Foundation Programme
16 Tests (15 Sectional + 1 Mock tests)
Value Addition Material + Supplementary Materials + Sample Answer/Answer Materials(PDF only)
Expert Support: Email/whatsapp Support
Programme Objectives: Build a Strong foundation using NCERT and other recommended Books
Question Levels: Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Schedule: Flexible
Procedure: After registration you will get login id and Password to access your account in Student Zone.
Tests will be uploaded according to our schedule which is purely tentative and subject to changeable. You have to download the softcopy(PDF) of Question and take the test according to your convenience and evaluate yourself using the answer key provided.
Send your score to us: <objectiveias.in@gmail.com>
What you will get: All reference books will be provided in pdf
Price: Rs 799/-