Virtual Summer Camp (April+May)

₹ 6,000

Rules and Regulations:
1. Due to the pandemic situation, only 2 guardians of the ward would be allowed for pick and drop whose name shall be submitted with the concerned person of Jumpstart.
2. Both the parents/guardians of a child should get a Rapid Antigen Test and submit the reports along with the signed NOC.
3. Parents or guardians of Jumpstart shall download the Arogya Setu app on their phone. It is mandatory and shall be checked at the entrance while pick up and drop of the ward.
4. Parent or guardian shall wear a mask while pick up and drop of the ward.
5. Parent or the guardian of the Ward shall ensure that even the ward has worn a mask.
6. Parent or guardian along with the ward shall cooperate with all the procedures and protocols like temperature checking, and sanitization at the entrance. (This is mandatory for everyone’s safety)
7. Parents or guardians shall explain, talk, prior condition and ask their ward to practice physical/social distancing at all times once ward leaves home.
8. Parent or the guardian of the Ward understands and agrees that the Jumpstart reserves the right to admission of the Ward.
9. If the Ward is suffering from cold or cough or fever or any symptoms of COVID-19; the parent will ensure that the Ward is not sent to the facility and if symptoms seen when at the center the Ward will be sent back home.
10. Parent or the guardian of the Ward shall inform Jumpstart in case any family member has been tested positive for COVID-19.
11. Parent or the guardian of the Ward shall ensure to send 3 sets of extra masks along with handkerchief/2 small napkins and a bottle of sanitizer in the bag of the Ward. (Kindly label all the things)
12. Parent or the guardian of the ward shall send enough quantity of freshly cooked, nutritious food and water from home with the ward considering the duration he /she is going to be at the centre. Sharing of tiffin box or sitting in a group is not advisable.
13. Parent or guardians shall clean and sanitize the bags and ward’s belongings regularly. Parents shall send a new set of clean and sanitized clothes every single day along with 2 extra sets of clothing items.
14. Due to the pandemic situation, all the communications shall happen on the designated phone number of the Jumpstart Centre. We would encourage not having face to face conversation with the staff on any occasions.
15. Parents should take note that the curriculum, activities and time would be altered keeping the activities as safe possible with more focus on individual activities.
16. Parents or guardians shall save the contact details and treats calls from Jumpstart as important and priority.

Regards, Team Jumpstart