A Walk through the British Indian Empire

Min ₹ 300

     To feel the charm of the real Calcutta (Kolkata) one needs to visit the true Office para (Office district) of the city the Dalhousie Square. The tour starts from Central Metro station from where taking one of the oldest mode of transportation of the city, the Tram we reach to Dalhousie. Square. We will walk pass  St. Andrew's Church followed by Writer's Building, the central administrative office of the "British Raj". Street foods near the Currency Office will be the next target on the menu. Again we will start moving slowly while munching on the snacks keeping the Red Tank by our side.GPO,Royal Insurance building are among the heritage buildings of Gothic structures which will be mesmerising us for sure.Passing through St. John's Church and after having a glimpse of Raj Bhawan, the house of Viceroys of British India will be reaching the Calcutta Town Hall. We will walk further to High Court and will pass the Assembly House on our way to Babughat keeping Eden Gardens on or side. Here at Babughat a cup of tea in a earthen cup is the ultimate thing any traveler would dream for while experiencing the calmness of the holy river Ganges. Rabindra Setu the second bridge connecting the twin city of Howrah is very much visible from here. We can even have a River Cruise in the native "nauka" (boat) to enjoy the soothing breeze.
     Our next stops in the chart are St Paul's Cathedral and Victoria Memorial. We may have a horse cart ride across the Maidan and reach Asiatic Society situated on Park Street.Lastly we will walk pass Indian Museum and get to New Market, the hub of shopping for the people of Calcutta (Kolkata) from generations. Before concluding our trip we will be having a second round of street foods to give our taste buds a taste of mouth watering local cuisine.