Heritage Walk of North Calcutta (Kolkata)

Min ₹ 300

     A tour to Calcutta (Kolkata) remains unfinished without a glimpse of the Northen part of the City of Joy. The North Kolkata Heritage Walk starts from Sutanuti, the birth place of Calcutta (Kolkata). We will be walking through narrow by lanes keeping our eyes on the buildings of Gothic structures of more than hundreds years old. The heritage buildings of the richest families of the past centuries are all in this area.First we will proceed to Kumartulli situated on the oldest road of the city, Chitpur Road. It is the place where clay idols are made for generations and help making the biggest festival of the city, the Durga Puja a grandeur.The Madan Mohan temple is one of the oldest and sacred place considered among the Hindus will be our next stop. We will be treating our taste buds with the mouth watering Rasogolla of Nobin Moyera one of the oldest and renowned sweet maker of Kolkata. Here even the street foods like "Fuchka" and "Chop" have a smell of the glorious past when the first British city of India was in the making. The sunset in the bank of the holy river Ganges holding a cup of tea on a earthen cup is an experience of a life time.
     A tram ride to Jorashanko Rajbari, the ancestral house of Rabindranath Tagore will be the ideal way to travel. House of Vivekananda, the global face of Hinduism can be our next destination followed by indulging ourselves to get carried away in the unique taste of famous Nakurer Shondesh.The next experience on our chart will be the book market of Calcutta (Kolkata) in college street and a peep inside the Presidency University (Hindu College) the oldest higher education institution of Calcutta (Kolkata). We will conclude our walk in the oldest cafes of the city, the Coffee House where the progressive Bengalis across  generations engage themselves in their famous "Adda".