Organic Assam CTC 250gm

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Bravo! You have taken an important step towards a natural and healthy lifestyle.
Pagdandi Organics Chai is grown in Chota Tingrai, one of the finest upper Assam tea estates. Only the most tender tea leaves and buds are carefully hand plucked to create this blend. This premium tea has a well-rounded texture that rolls over the tongue with an exquisite flavour. It offers a classic full-bodied, robust taste with a deep red infusion. Perfect for making a cup of strong Indian Chai, it is easy to fall in love with at first sip.
Chota Tingrai being an organic estate does not use any harmful chemical pesticides, fumigants or fertilizers. Compost made from fully decomposed manure is collected from within. Carefully maintained biodiversity allows for natural pest control. This active management of soil, water and plants contribute to a great tasting cup of tea with unique taste characteristics.
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Pagdandi Organics is an initiative of Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe in Pune. It is our mission to provide products that reflect conscious choices and a healthy lifestyle. Products made using practices that protect and nurture the environment. This is reflected in our cafe menu that serves organic food and beverages sourced from fair-trade sustainable vendors and local farmers. Pagdandi Organics is an extension of our philosophy derived from the same beliefs.