PCB Design + Embedded System design + Arduino + FPGA

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4 in 1 BUNDLE

PCB Design + Embedded Design + FPGA + Arduino

Detailed Agenda - What You Will Learn

PCB Design

✔️Day 1- Introduction to PCB Design and Terminologies and Installation of Orcad Trail version
✔️Day 2 -Introduction to Schematic Capture
✔️Day 3- Introduction to Allegro and Footprint Creation
✔️Day 4- Importing Schematics in allegro ,Placement and route
✔️Day 5- Gerber Creation, BOM, PDF
✔️Day 6- How to Design a 8051 Microcontroller Board
✔️Day 7- Library Creation
✔️Day 8- Schematics Design
✔️Day 9- Footprint Creation
✔️Day 10- Design rules check-Import and Placement
✔️Day 11- Layout
✔️Day 12- Layout Design , Gerber Creation, Recap, schematic design consideration,Layout Design Consideration

Embedded System Design & IoT

✔️Day 1 -Jun-21 -Introduction to Embedded System Design
✔️Day 2 -Jun-22-Choosing the Right Processor and Embedded Product Life cycle
✔️Day 3 -Jun-23- Challenges and Design Issues in Embedded Systems,
✔️Day 4 -Jun-24 -Introduction to Real-Time Concepts,
✔️Day 5 -Jun-25- IoT Trends, IoT Architecture, IoT Applications, IoT Standards, and Protocols,

8051-Week 2
✔️Day 6- Jun-28- 8051 Architecture-Keil
✔️Day 7 -Jun-29 -Switch ,Relay,
✔️Day 8- Jun-30- UART,SPI
✔️Day 9- Jul-01- LCD,IIC
✔️Day 10 -Jul-02- 8051 Mini Project-Bluetooth based Home automation

ARM7 -Week 3
✔️Day 11- Jul-05 -ARM Architecture-Keil, LED Blinking
✔️Day 12- Jul-08 -Switch ,Relay,
✔️Day 13- Jul-09 -UART,SPI
✔️Day 14- Jul-10 -LCD,IIC
✔️Day 15- Jul-11 -ARM Mini Project -IoT based weather monitoirng system

CORTEX M4-Week 4
✔️DAY 16- Jul-14- CORTEXM4 LPC4088 Architecture-Keil, LED Blinking
✔️DAY 17- Jul-15- Switch ,Relay,
✔️DAY 18- Jul-16- UART,SPI
✔️DAY 19- Jul-17- LCD,IIC
✔️DAY 20- Jul-18- Cortex -M4 - Temperature Monitroing using Zigbee and LORA

PIC -Week 5
✔️DAY 21- Jul-21- Introduction to PIC Architecture
✔️DAY 22- Jul-22- MPLABIDE and LED Blinking
✔️DAY 23- Jul-23- Switch ,Relay, PWM
✔️DAY 24- Jul-24- UART,SPI
✔️DAY 25- Jul-25- LCD,IIC

NodeMCU/ESP8266 -Week 6
✔️DAY 26- Jul-27- Introduction to NODE MCU
✔️DAY 27- Jul-28- Led,switch,relay,UART
✔️DAY 28- Jul-29- Iot Temperature Data Logging
✔️DAY 29- Jul-30- Build Your Home Automation with ESP8266 and Control Devices from Anywhere in the World
✔️DAY 30- Jul-31- Conclusion and Wrap up-Graduation Day


✅DAY –1 Overview of this course | Details about Arduino & Application
✅DAY –2 InstallingArduino Software & Libraries | Programming Arduino


✅DAY –3 Overview on Embedded Systems | LED , Switch & Buzzer with Arduino


✅DAY –4 Rat Trap design using LDR & Laser Arduino | ADC - SPI Protocol
✅DAY –5 Bluetooth controlled Light with Arduino | UART Protocol
✅DAY –6 I2C LCD with Arduino | I2C Protocol
✅DAY –7 RFID based authentication system using Arduino | UART Protocol


✅DAY –8 Motion Detection using PIR & IR Sensor | Digital Sensor
✅DAY –9 Temperature Monitoring System using Temperature sensor | Analog Sensor
✅DAY –10 Distance Measurement using Ultrasonic Sensor
✅DAY –11 Water level Detection & Alert system | Analog & Digital Sensor
✅DAY –12 Humidity Detection & Alert using DHT11 Sensor
✅DAY –13 Water quality detection using PH Sensor | UART Protocol
✅DAY –14 Waterflow detection using Flow sensor | Pulse sensor
✅DAY –15 Keypad with Arduino for Stop Clock

✅DAY –16 Simple Message Chat using LCD Display Arduino
✅DAY –17 Switch press Counter using 7-Segment display
✅DAY –18 TFT Display with Arduino

✅DAY –19 DC Motor Speed Control using TrimPot | DC Motor
✅DAY –20 Automatic Door lock system using PIR & Servo | Servo Motor
✅DAY –21 Stepper Motor Control using Arduino


✅DAY –22 Robot Design | Bluetooth & Voice controlled robot using Arduino
✅DAY –23 Obstacle Avoidance Robot using Ultrasonic


✅DAY –24 Power Monitoring system | ADC | SPI Protocol
✅DAY –25 Fault Detection | ADC

Internet of Things - ARDUINO
✅DAY –26 Industry Monitoring System using IoT | ESP8266

✅DAY–27 RADAR using Ultrasonic & Arduino with Matlab

✅DAY –28 Audio speaker from a Signal using Arduino & Signal Generator
✅DAY –29 Li-Fi based Data transmission using Arduino
✅DAY –30 Brain Controlled Robot using Arduino


✔️Day 1 Introduction to FPGA
✔️Day 2 Introduction to VHDL , How to create a Project in Xilinx ISE .
✔️Day 3 Operators and Data Flow Modeling (VHDL)
✔️Day 4 Structural & Behavioral Modeling
✔️Day 5 Creating a Test Bench
✔️Day 6 How to Design a Spartan 6 FPGA Board
✔️Day 7 FPGA Programming for Blinking LED ,SWITCH, Relays and Buzzer
✔️Day 8 UART Programming on FPGA
✔️Day 9 LCD, SEVEN SEGMENT Programming on FPGA
✔️Day 10 ADC and DAC Programming on FPGA
✔️Day 11 Bluetooth and Relay Programming -Bluetooth Home Automation using FPGA
✔️Day 12 Internet of Things using FPGA -Part 1 (Interfacing with WIFI)
✔️Day 13 Internet of Things using FPGA -Part 2 (Sending Temperature data to Cloud)
✔️Day 14 Motor control using FPGA (PWM )
✔️Day 15 Embedded system Design using FPGA (C Based programming on FPGA)
✔️Day 16 Median Filter on Spartan 6 FPGA
✔️Day 17 Edge Detection on FPGA using C Language
✔️Day 18 IoT Programming on FPGA using C Language
✔️Day 19 Debugging with Chip scope PRO
✔️Day 20 Introduction to Python Programming on FPGA
✔️Day 21 Yolo object detection on FPGA
✔️Day 22 Real time edge detection using ZYNQ FPGA (pynq)
✔️Day 23 Real time Moving object detection using ZYNQ FPGA (pynq)
✔️Day 24 Discrete Wavelet Transform using Spartan 6 FPGA(C Language)
✔️Day 25 Image Segmentation using Spartan6 FPGA(Xilinx XPS)
✔️Day 26 Introduction to Vivado Design Suite
✔️Day 27 Implementing LED , UART Using - Vivado Design Suite
✔️Day 28 Machine Learning with Python in PYNQ
✔️Day 29 OpenCV for Image Processing & Video_processing (PYNQ with Python)-ZYNQ FPGA
✔️Day 30 Conclusion and Future of VLSI