Brain Computer Interface using Brainsense

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What you will learn?

Introduction to Brain Computer Interface

Introduction to BCI & Bio Signal with its types
What is EEG & EEG bands with its Frequency ?
Electrode & Types of Electrodes
Neuroscience | Brain anatomy & Signal detection
Applications of BCI
Research on BCI - Elon musk's Neuralink

Getting started with Brainsense

Quick guide to Brainsense and its Components
How to connect Brainsense with PC & Supported platforms
Brainsense with Neuroview
Brainsense with Brainwave Visualizer
###Brainsense with Matlab
How to Read Attention using Brainsense
How to Read Meditation using Brainsense

Brainsense with Arduino

Arduino | Bluetooth | How to Identify Unique address of Brainsense
How to configure Bluetooth (HC-05) to connect with Brainsense
Acquiring your Attention values using Arduino with Brainsense
How to design a Robotic car
Brain Controlled Robotic car using your Attention with the help of Arduino

What You will Get?

Offline videos ,Online support through forums when you practice Assignments .
What we are teaching is a years of experience on Matlab, You could reduce your research time and learn on 30 days.
All Video access for 60 days
Download all source code