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Detailed Agenda of 3 Courses below:

Embedded System Design & IoT

✔️Day 1 -Jun-21 -Introduction to Embedded System Design
✔️Day 2 -Jun-22-Choosing the Right Processor and Embedded Product Life cycle
✔️Day 3 -Jun-23- Challenges and Design Issues in Embedded Systems,
✔️Day 4 -Jun-24 -Introduction to Real-Time Concepts,
✔️Day 5 -Jun-25- IoT Trends, IoT Architecture, IoT Applications, IoT Standards and Protocols,

8051-Week 2
✔️Day 6- Jun-28- 8051 Architecture-Keil
✔️Day 7 -Jun-29 -Switch ,Relay,
✔️Day 8- Jun-30- UART,SPI
✔️Day 9- Jul-01- LCD,IIC
✔️Day 10 -Jul-02- 8051 Mini Project-Bluetooth based Home automation

ARM7 -Week 3
✔️Day 11- Jul-05 -ARM Architecture-Keil, LED Blinking
✔️Day 12- Jul-08 -Switch ,Relay,
✔️Day 13- Jul-09 -UART,SPI
✔️Day 14- Jul-10 -LCD,IIC
✔️Day 15- Jul-11 -ARM Mini Project -IoT based weather monitoirng system

CORTEX M4-Week 4
✔️DAY 16- Jul-14- CORTEXM4 LPC4088 Architecture-Keil, LED Blinking
✔️DAY 17- Jul-15- Switch ,Relay,
✔️DAY 18- Jul-16- UART,SPI
✔️DAY 19- Jul-17- LCD,IIC
✔️DAY 20- Jul-18- Cortex -M4 - Temperature Monitroing using Zigbee and LORA

PIC -Week 5
✔️DAY 21- Jul-21- Introduction to PIC Architecture
✔️DAY 22- Jul-22- MPLABIDE and LED Blinking
✔️DAY 23- Jul-23- Switch ,Relay, PWM
✔️DAY 24- Jul-24- UART,SPI
✔️DAY 25- Jul-25- LCD,IIC

NodeMCU/ESP8266 -Week 6
✔️DAY 26- Jul-27- Introduction to NODE MCU
✔️DAY 27- Jul-28- Led,switch,relay,UART
✔️DAY 28- Jul-29- Iot Temperature Data Logging
✔️DAY 29- Jul-30- Build Your Home Automation with ESP8266 and Control Devices from Anywhere in the World
✔️DAY 30- Jul-31- Conclusion and Wrap up-Graduation Day


Day 1 Introduction to FPGA
Day 2 Introduction to VHDL , How to create a Project in Xilinx ISE .
Day 3 Operators and Data Flow Modeling (VHDL)
Day 4 Structural & Behavioral Modeling
Day 5 Creating a Test Bench
Day 6 How to Design a Spartan 6 FPGA Board
Day 7 FPGA Programming for Blinking LED ,SWITCH, Relays and Buzzer
Day 8 UART Programming on FPGA
Day 9 LCD, SEVEN SEGMENT Programming on FPGA
Day 10 ADC and DAC Programming on FPGA
Day 11 Bluetooth and Relay Programming -Bluetooth Home Automation using FPGA
Day 12 Internet of Things using FPGA -Part 1 (Interfacing with WIFI)
Day 13 Internet of Things using FPGA -Part 2 (Sending Temperature data to Cloud)
Day 14 Motor control using FPGA (PWM )
Day 15 Embedded system Design using FPGA (C Based programming on FPGA)
Day 16 Median Filter on Spartan 6 FPGA
Day 17 Edge Detection on FPGA using C Language
Day 18 IoT Programming on FPGA using C Language
Day 19 Debugging with Chip scope PRO
Day 20 Introduction to Python Programming on FPGA
Day 21 Yolo object detection on FPGA
Day 22 Real time edge detection using ZYNQ FPGA (pynq)
Day 23 Real time Moving object detection using ZYNQ FPGA (pynq)
Day 24 Discrete Wavelet Transform using Spartan 6 FPGA(C Language)
Day 25 Image Segmentation using Spartan6 FPGA(Xilinx XPS)
Day 26 Introduction to Vivado Design Suite
Day 27 Implementing LED , UART Using - Vivado Design Suite
Day 28 Machine Learning with Python in PYNQ
Day 29 OpenCV for Image Processing & Video_processing (PYNQ with Python)-ZYNQ FPGA
Day 30 Conclusion and Future of VLSI


Day - 01 Getting Started With Matlab
Day - 02 Image processing using Matlab
Day - 03 Video Processing using Matlab
Day - 04 Medical Image Processing using Matlab
Day - 05 Graphical User Interface Matlab
Day - 06 App development using Matlab
Day - 07 Computer Vision using Matlab
Day - 08 Fuzzy logic design using Matlab
Day - 09 Neural Network using Matlab
Day - 10 Machine Learning using Matlab
Day - 11 Deep Learning using Matlab
Day - 12 Neuro-Fuzzy Designer using Matlab
Day - 13 Image Segmentation using Matlab
Day - 14 Image Compression using Matlab
Day - 15 Feature Extraction using Matlab
Day - 16 Face Recognition using Matlab
Day - 17 Augmented Reality using Matlab
Day - 18 Image Denoising using Matlab
Day - 19 Arduino Programming using Matlab
Day - 20 Image Quality Metrics using Matlab
Day - 21 Steganography using Matlab
Day - 22 Real-time Object detection using Matlab
Day - 23 Raspberry Pi programming using Matlab
Day - 24 Speech Processing using Matlab
Day - 25 Audio Processing using Matlab
Day - 26 Data Hiding using Matlab
Day - 27 Cryptography using Matlab
Day - 28 Machine Learning and IoT using Matlab
Day - 29 SLAM using Matlab
Day - 30 Semantic Segmentation using Deep learning Matlab