Image Processing using Matlab

₹ 299

What you will Learn ?

Day 1

Introduction to Matlab
Arrays and Matrices
For loop,IF loop,While loop
Functions and Switch case
Plots and Subplots

Day 2

How to Read ,Store and Resize Image
Convert Various Formats
Split Channels
Add Noise and Filter
How to denoise
Edge Detection
Thresholding and Image Segmentation
Boundary Labelling and Counting

Day 3

Computer Vision using Matlab
Facial Parts detection
Optical Character Recognition
Barcode Detection

Day 4

GUI using Matlab
How to add Noise and Median filter using Matlab

Day 5

Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Design a simple Deep Learning Application using Matlab

What You will Get?

Offline videos ,Online support through forums when you practice Assignments .
All Video access for 60 days
Download all source code
3 Mini Projects