IoT Master Class

₹ 999

30 Days Internship on Internet of Things

What you will learn?

IoT Introduction and Architectures

✔ DAY–1 Introduction to IoT
✔ DAY–2 IoT Communication Protocols
✔ DAY–3 Introduction to ESP32 and NodeMCU
✔ DAY–4 Iot Clouds,Analytics & Datascience
✔ DAY–5 Sensors for IoT

IoT using Thingspeak

✔ DAY – 6 Sending Data to Thingspeak -Arduino+Humidity+Air quality(Weather monitoring system)
✔ DAY – 7 How to Analyze IoT Data in ThingSpeak
✔ DAY – 8 Deploying a Machine learning Model on the Cloud
✔ DAY – 9 Thingspeak for IoT in agriculture
✔ DAY – 10 Smart Humidity Sensor – ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and IFTTT

IoT with Microsoft Azure

✔ DAY– 11 Introduction to IoT with Microsoft Azure
✔ DAY– 12 Implementing IoT with Azure
✔ DAY– 13 Edge Computing and Analytics
✔DAY– 14 Coginitive services,Computer vision API
✔ DAY– 15 Weather monitoring station using Microsoft Azure and Arduino

Iot Projects and Case Study

✔ Day-16 Home automation using Google Assistant
✔ Day-17 Industrial Iot using Zigbee and WIFI(Windmill case study)
✔ Day-18 Recording sensor data to google sheet using IFTTT with Arduino and sending alerts
✔ Day-19 Real time Video surveillance esp32cam and Blynk App
✔ Day-20 Predictive Maintenance of a Duct Fan Using Nodemcu, ThingSpeak and MATLAB

IoT with AWS IoT

✔ Day 21 Introduction to AWS IoT,Setting up Free tier AWS, AWS CLI, Policys, Security Credentials, and Testing
✔ Day 22 Raspberry PI3 with AWS IOT SDK
✔ Day 23 SNS Push Notifications,AWS IoT Analytics
✔ Day 24 AWS Lambda Functions for IoT
✔ Day 25 HTTPs Arduino sketch to AWS IoT Core for the ESP8266 and ESP32
✔ Day 26 Using Mongoose OS on embedded devices for AWS IoT
✔ Day 27 Storing data into the Dynamo Database from the AWS IoT control panel
✔ Day 28 AWS Quicksight for data analytics and visulizations
✔ Day 29 AWS Device Shadows and multiple Pub/Sub’s
✔ Day 30 Weather monitoring station using AWS IOT

What You will Get?

Recorded videos ,Online support through forums when you practice Assignments .
What we are teaching is a years of experience on Iot, You could reduce your research time and learn on 30 days.
All Video access for 6 Months
Download all source code
Internship e Certificate
10+ Projects