Python BootCamp +Computer Vision Crash Course

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A lot of people are struggling😓 to Learn Python Programming, coz they are feeling difficulties in learning Programming Languages in an easy way. Now we are happy to announce that we are launching "PYTHON BOOTCAMP" to deliver the Programming knowledge in an easy way😎 !

Basic Python Programming

What you will learn in this 10 Days Hackathon ?

✅Introduction to Python
✅Installing & Working with Python IDLE
✅Configuring Environmental Variables - Command Window
✅Installing Anaconda Navigator (Jupyter Notebook)
✅Working with Anaconda Navigator (Spyder Notebook)
✅Working with Google Colab
✅Working with Pycharm
✅Working with Libraries
✅Simple Arithmetic
✅Introduction to Strings
✅Indexing and Slicing with Strings
✅String Properties and Methods
✅Print Formatting with Strings
✅Lists in Python
✅Dictionaries in Python
✅Tuples with Python
✅Sets in Python
✅Booleans in Python
✅I/O with Basic Files in Python
✅Python Objects and Data Structures
✅Comparison Operators in Python
✅Chaining Comparison Operators in Python with Logical Operators
✅If Elif and Else Statements in Python
✅For Loops in Python
✅While Loops in Python
✅Useful Operators in Python
✅List Comprehensions in Python
✅Methods and the Python Documentation
✅Introduction to Functions
✅Basics of Python Functions
✅Logic with Python Functions
✅Tuple Unpacking with Python Functions
✅*args and **kwargs in Python
✅Lambda Expressions, Map, and Filter Functions
✅Attributes & Class Keyword
✅Class Object Attributes and Methods
✅Inheritance and Polymorphism
✅Special(Magic/Dunder) Methods
✅Modules and Packages
✅name and "main"
✅Errors and Exceptions Handling
✅Pylint Overview
✅Decorators with Python Overview
✅Generators with Python
✅Python Collections Module
✅Opening and Reading Files and Folders
✅Python Datetime Module
✅Python Math and Random Modules
✅Python Debugger
✅Python Regular Expressions
✅Timing Your Python Code
✅Zipping and Unzipping files with Python
✅Setting Up Web Scraping Libraries
✅Grabbing a Title
✅Grabbing an Image
✅Book Examples
✅Introduction to Images with Python
✅Working with CSV Files in Python
✅Working with PDF Files in Python
✅Sending Emails with Python
✅Receiving Emails with Python

Learn Easier & Faster than you Think

Computer Vision Crash Course- OpenCV

What you will learn in this 15 Days Hackathon? | Application-based Learning

✅DAY – 1 Introduction to Python & Computer Vision | Python Installation & Installing Libraries | Basic CV| Reading an image | Display,Writing, Saving an Image | Draw a line, circle, rectangle | Draw a text string |Find and Draw Contours | Image Resizing | Blurring an Image

✅DAY – 2 Create Border around Images | Convert an image from one color space to another | Scaling, Rotating, Shifting, and Edge Detection | Erosion and Dilation of images | Denoising of colored images | OpenCV Bitwise AND, OR, XOR, and NOT | Play a video using OpenCV | Video acquisition from the camera | Video acquisition from the Mobile Camera

✅DAY – 3 OpenCV Haar Cascades - Face detection | Eye detection | Mouth detection | Full/partial body detection

✅DAY – 4 Multi-template Matching with OpenCV

✅DAY – 5 OCR a Document, Form with Tesseract & OpenCV

✅DAY – 6 Object Tracking using OpenCV

✅DAY – 7 Watermarking images with OpenCV

✅DAY – 8 Saving Key event video clips with OpenCV

✅DAY – 9 Determining Object Shape and Color with OpenCV

✅DAY – 10 Real-time Panorama & Image Stitching with OpenCV

✅DAY – 11 Barcode reader using Computer Vision

✅DAY – 12 OpenCV Video Augmented Reality

✅DAY – 13 Recognizing digits with OpenCV and Python

✅DAY – 14 Document Scanner using OpenCV

✅DAY – 15 Harry Potter Invisible Cloak

Learn Easier & Faster than You Think