Let's light up the dreams of 60 children this Diwali!

Min ₹ 300

They’re quick to tell you about what they want to do when they grow up. There’s a budding teacher, a doctor, a police officer among them. Some even have multiple professions on their mind.
But chances are many of these children will not graduate high school and go to college. Students don’t drop out of school for one specific reason but it’s usually a complicated mix. Growing up, most of us were afraid to go to school when we hadn’t studied for a test or completed our homework owing to those seemingly daunting punishments.This Diwali, let’s light up the dreams of our children. Let no child be afraid to go to school because he/she had no electricity at home and couldn’t study for a test.

It costs For Rs.1,500/- for a solar lamp. You can donate as little as Rs.300 to the cause.
Donate today and light up the dreams of our children!

All donations will be issued an 80G receipt, Please give us your PAN details on the "pay" link so we can facilitate it.