Historical (March 2019 to Oct 2020) Nifty 100 momentum low volatility screener

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The file contains the monthly Historical Data from March 2019 to Oct 2020! for Nifty 100 stocks with momentum and low volatility.
Do not buy without reading this article
1. I will not provide any further help or assistance in using the sheet
2 While I will do my best to publish updated screener sheets each month, I cannot guarantee the same.
3 The file does not contain any buy or sell recommendations and only has data derived from price information. The stocks chosen are merely members of the Nifty 100.
4 Enough care and effort have been put in to weed out errors, however, I cannot guarantee that the sheet is free of error.
5 The buyer will have to do their own research with regard to using the information in the spreadsheet. No recommendations or assistance is included in the sheet will not be provided separately