How to profit from content writing

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Content writing is a great way to express yourself in words, sound, video, or visuals. It is also a steady income generator. Good content writers who are thorough in their research, understand the needs of the clients and their intended audience and walk the extra mile are rare. If you can achieve this, you have got yourself a way to get satisfying life-long income.
In this publication, we have compiled the experiences and insights of two professional content writers, Smriti Tuteja and Deepti. It will help you understand how to write an article; how to promote yourself; how to get clients and how to handle them professionally. Do pay close attention to their style of writing.


1. About the Earn from Skills Course
2. Everything you need to know to get started as a content writer and never look back by Smriti Tuteja

=> Types of content writing
=> Choose your niche
=> Why choosing a niche is important?
=> How to choose a niche
=> Top niches in 2021 (with suggestions on where to look for work)
=> Build your profile and web presence
=> Where to look for clients
=> How to convert the clients you reach out to
=> How to write the perfect pitch
=> Following up
=> Tips and tricks to keep getting projects
=> Surviving competition in public forums
=> Charging your clients
=> Handling your clients

3. How a Content Writer Can Network and Get Leads for Assignments by Deepti
4. My list of tips and resources by M. Pattabiraman

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