Tactical buying and selling using moving averages (Stocks, Gold, Gilts)

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This is market timing tool with which you can convert daily price data to monthly data and compute moving averages for equity (indices, stocks and mutual funds), gold and gilt (using bond yield).
Read about all features before buying A tool for tactical buying and selling using moving averages

Warning and disclaimer
Start of warning and disclaimer: The strategy outlined in the above articles and in this tool may or may not provide a higher return or lower risk when you try it. Please recognise results shown in backtests do not factor in human emotions, taxation and exit loads. All these would impact the outcome of market timing (aka tactical asset allocation wrt this tool).

Anyone who uses this tool does so at their own risk. Freefincal or this author is not responsible or liable for any gains or losses that may result from the use of this tool. While the sheet has been checked for errors and bugs, like any other tool, we cannot guarantee they are free of them. 

The tool is open-source (but not free). This means all the formulae and Excel VBA are accessible to the user. So users are requested to understand what the tool does and double-check for errors and inconsistencies.

The tool has a built-in "buy/sell signal". This has different meanings for a single moving average, double moving average, gold and gilts. The users must read the above-linked articles and develop their own tactical strategy.

I will not provide any other investment advice wrt to future market movements. 

Buy the sheet only if you are willing to learn, explore, investigate and device your own, independent strategy. Please note: tactical asset allocation or market timing means exiting one asset class and entering another.

That is, as an example, if you have Rs. 100 invested into equity and the 6MMA falls below the 12MMA, you sell the equity holding (fully or partially as per your set plan) and put it into another asset class. 

If you plan to use this tool only to find out "what is a good time to buy additional units or stocks", then as discussed before the benefits of such an act is likely to either small, limited or non-existent. So kindly be aware of these limitations.

Please note that by the release of this tool, freefincal or this author is only offering tactical portfolio management as an alternative to systematic portfolio management. No claim is made about the superiority of either method. It is up to the buyer to decide on their own which is suitable for their personal circumstances. 

This tool is not a financial planning tool. It will not help with goal-based portfolio management in any way. End of warning and disclaimer.