Detailed Non-Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet Chart for Weight loss (4 weeks)

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How does this ebook of keto diet help in weight loss?

Contrary to most weight loss diets and programs, a ketogenic diet works on the principle of consuming less of carbohydrates and more of fats.

➡ Ketogenic diet requires you to eat fewer carbs.
➡ The body thus enters a state of ketosis.
➡ Ketosis involves breaking down of stored fats in the liver in order to produce energy for the

➡ The stored fats in your body will be used and you lose weight faster.
➡ When Fats will not get deposited in the body, you will become leaner and healthier.

Other benefits of Ketogenic Diet -

When you have fewer fats, your body is saved from various harmful diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and cholesterol. This helps to increase your quality of life and also gives you longevity. This might seem difficult in the beginning but we humans can adapt our bodies to changes in a very short time.

How does this ebook help?

This book will guide you through all the 4 weeks of keto diet plan. Each day is accompanied by a detailed exchange list of ingredients that you would be needing in the exact amount.

This chart has calculated energy, proteins, carbs for each day. This will smoothly take you on a four-week weight loss journey.

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Note 1 ➡ This is a Non-vegetarian diet plan.
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