Detailed Guide to Indian Vegetarian GM diet (With Recipes)

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GM Diet book for weight loss

I am Payal and I am a registered dietitian from India. During my consultation experience of over 12 years, i have come across a lot of clients and readers who speak very  Highly of GM diet and its ability to help one lose  some  kilos of weight very quickly.

Well needless to say , this diet is of course a crash diet and requires a lot of dedication and  will power to complete.

A lot of readers question me on Whether it is healthy to follow GM diet for weight loss. They already have stories on the internet and in their minds that this diet will do more harm than any good. Yes they are  true ,  But there are a few aspects that most of them fail to notice.

Yes Gm diet is a restrictive diet and we can label it as a crash diet. But if followed with caution and care with a little modification , you can turn this crash diet into a healthy diet that can help you lose weight when you hit a plateau.

I have tried to modify it and turn its healthy side up. You can see a glimpse of these modification in my article here - Vegetarian GM diet plan for weight loss .

Who can Use this GM Diet book for weight loss ?

This E book is specially made for all those Indians who feel lost  and confused when their weight refuses to binge in spite of all the efforts . And also for those few who believe in achieving goals immediately. If you are tired of eating those boring cucumber and tomato slices in the name of salad, this book is a must buy for you.

How can this GM Diet book for weight loss help ?

This modified version of GM diet can be used in weight loss . Specially at a stage where in spite of all the exercises and diet , your weight refuses to go down .  This vegetarian Gm diet plan will help you break the weight loss plateau. It will help you take a forward  plunge in to your weight loss journey.

This GM Diet E book contains :

➡ Detailed diet chart along with menu , ingredients and quantity  for all 7 days of GM diet .

➡ Recipes of the mentioned menu along with their picture .

➡ FAQs

➡ Details of modification

➡ Answers to all your  whys , whats and hows .