12 Weeks Fatty Liver Reversal Program

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A recent AIIMS study, which analysed published reports states that 38% of Indians have fatty liver disease.

The metabolic risk factors related to sedentary lifestyle and intake of high calorie food are the main reason behind such a massive rise in Fatty Liver Disease patients over the years.

The risk is more because people get no to low symptoms of fatty liver, and once the case is worsen they get liver complications but the good part is that fatty liver can be easily cured by following a suitable diet and exercise plan on a consistent basis.

Here, we have specially curated the most advanced yet easy to follow Indian diet to cure your fatty liver disease within 12 weeks.

Key Highlights:-

✅ Fatty Liver Reversal Diet

✅ Suitable diet for all type of Fatty Liver Diseases (AFLD/NAFLD/NASH)

✅ Only Natural Food Items are Mentioned

✅ Budget Diet

✅ Complete Indian Diet

✅ Special Instruction Mentioned

✅ Complete Concept Of Fatty Liver Explained

✅ Stages of Fatty Liver

✅ Types of Fatty Liver Diseases

✅ Notable Symptoms Explained

✅ People at Risk Explained

✅ Diagnosis Guide Mentioned

✅ Treatment Guide Mentioned

✅ Liver Strengthening Herbs Suggested

✅ Breathing Exercises Suggested

✅ Cardiovascular Exercises Suggested

✅ Yoga Poses Suggested

✅ Gym/Home Workout Mentioned

✅ 4 Workout Options Suggested

✅ Best Product Links Mentioned

✅ Keynote Mentioned

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