21 DIET SCHEDULES: Advanced Diet Plans For The Advanced Results

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The "21 DIET SCHEDULES" is the ultimate game-changer diet plan specially designed to help the gym trainer community to learn, build, earn, and thrive. It is also the most requested and high-in-demand book from our beloved trainer's community.

As picking up and figuring out the right dietetic combination for your client is the most tricky part of the physique transformation, here we have completely solved this problem by providing you with the best possible diet for every type of body goal and physique transformation.

Key Highlights:-

✅ 21 Advanced Diet Plans

✅ Contains all the best diets used throughout the world

✅ All Easy to cook Indian meals are included in these diets

✅ Cooking guide & recipes are mentioned

✅ Exact Quantity of Ingredient used are mentioned

✅ Nutrients Flow Chart

✅ Veg & Non-Veg Diets

✅ Fat Loss Diets

✅ Weight Loss Diets

✅ Muscle Gain Diets

✅ Ectomorph Body Type Diet

✅ Endomorph Body Type Diet

✅ Mesomorph Body Type Diet

✅ Ketogenic Diet

✅ Paleo Diet

✅ Gluten-Free Diet

✅ Bulletproof Diet

✅ Carb Cycling Diet

✅ Intermittent Fasting Diet

✅ All Best Possible Diet Choices from Beginner to Advanced Category

✅ Detailed Structured Diet Routine

✅ Full Day Eating with ideal mentioned timing

✅ Best Product Links are mentioned

✅ Igniting Quotes

✅ Stunning Pdf Layout

✅ 222 Pages