ANATOMY: Human Structural Study

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When you want to learn about this amazing human body and get confused about where to start then the first thing to start with is “ANATOMY”. Anatomy is the branch of science that deals with human structure.

Anatomy includes the appearance and position of the various parts, the materials from which they are composed, their locations, and their relationships with other parts, it is also regarded as the GPS of our body.

This book has the complete notes of chapter 2 of our ADVANCED PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION COURSE.

20% of the examination questions on our ADVANCED PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION COURSE exam come from this anatomy chapter.

Who can read this?
Doctors, Physiotherapists, Fitness Trainers, Gym Trainers, Yoga trainers, Sports trainers, Physical Education students, Medical Aspirants, and Anybody who want to know about the human body in depth can download and read this book.


✅ Basics of Human Anatomy
✅ Standard Anatomical Position
✅ Standard Anatomical Directions
✅ Standard Anatomical Planes
✅ Bone Anatomy
✅ Structure of Bone
✅ Bone Cells
✅ Bone Composition
✅ Bone Development
✅ Bone Remodelling
✅ Bone Types
✅ Parts of Bone
✅ Functions of Bone
✅ Axial Skeletal
✅ Appendicular Skeletal
✅ Joints Anatomy (Arthrology)
✅ Functional Classifications of Joints
✅ Muscle Anatomy
✅ Muscle Classification
✅ Muscle Composition
✅ Muscle Cells
✅ Cross Bridge Theory
✅ Properties of Muscles
✅ Functions of Muscles
✅ Muscle Fibers Classification
✅ Muscle Fibers Comparison
✅ Muscle Contraction
✅ Types Of Contraction
✅ Connective Tissues
✅ Component of Connective Tissues
✅ Types of Connective Tissues