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The secret approach for getting performance and fat loss together is possible via Carb Cycling.

Carb Cycling is itself a unique diet plan in which you vary the carb intake while keeping the protein intake approximately the same throughout the plan on weekly basis. This type of diet helps to accelerate the training performance and fat burning while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Key Highlights:-

✅ Extremely Effective in order to build a lean physique

✅ An Excellent Approach for losing fat without scarfing the carbs intake

✅ Helps to maintain power & performance during fat loss 

✅ More Results in Less Time

✅ Tried & Tested formula to lose fat & gain performance together. 

✅ Detailed step-by-step Planing

✅ Veg and Non-Veg Options

✅ Pure Indian Diet

✅ Easy to Cook Diet

✅ Classy Pdf Layout