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The best gift from our side to our beloved fitness trainer community is this masterpiece to become a master trainer.

This book contains 42 total plans where there are​ 21 specialized diet plans and 21 revolutionary workout plans to provide you with an ultimate guide to glory to redefine your dynamism within the fitness industry.

A masterpiece for master trainers to turbocharge your knowledge bank to train and transform your client like never before.

Now power is in your hand, don’t wait for even a second, and download this masterpiece right now.

Key Highlights:-

✅ 21 Advanced Diet Plans

✅ Contains all the best diets used throughout the world

✅ All Easy to cook Indian meals are included in these diets

✅ Cooking guide & recipes are mentioned

✅ The Exact Quantity of Ingredients used is mentioned

✅ Nutrients Flow Chart

✅ Veg & Non-Veg Diets

✅ Fat Loss Diets

✅ Weight Loss Diets

✅ Muscle Gain Diets

✅ Ectomorph Body Type Diet

✅ Endomorph Body Type Diet

✅ Mesomorph Body Type Diet

✅ Ketogenic Diet

✅ Paleo Diet

✅ Gluten-Free Diet

✅ Bulletproof Diet

✅ Carb Cycling Diet

✅ Intermittent Fasting Diet

✅ All Best Possible Diet Choices from Beginner to Advanced Category

✅ Detailed Structured Diet Routine

✅ Full Day Eating with ideal mentioned timing

✅ 21 Workout Plans (Categories: 9 Beginner-5 Intermediate-7 Advanced)

✅ Exercise Classification

✅ Foundation Building Week

✅ Ectomorph-Mesomorph-Endomorph Body Type Schedules

✅ Top 3 Best Workout Routine Choices for Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced Categories

✅ Detailed Structured Routine: Split-Days-Muscle-Exercise-Set-Reps-Tempo

✅ Full Body Splits

✅ Upper/Lower Body Splits

✅ Agonist/Antagonist Body Splits

✅ L-B-T/C-B-S Splits

✅ Classic Triple Splits

✅ Push/Pull Body Splits

✅ Strength Routine

✅ Endurance Routine

✅ Plan Variations

✅ Igniting Quotes

✅ Stunning layout

✅ Exercise Video Link Mentioned

✅ 403 Pages