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Piles which are also known as hemorrhoids, bavasir, fissures, etc is a very dangerous disease that results in extreme pain, discomfort, itching, and bleeding in the anal region of the human body due to the swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum.

Piles are a very common disease that may affect men or women at any age. These are caused due to continuous high pressure in the veins. Other causes include constipation, excessive straining during bowel movements, and persistent diarrhea.

👉 Due to the modern rapid lifestyle 3 out of 10, people suffer piles.

👉 75% of people suffer from piles at some point in their lives.

👉 People above 50 age has 50% chance to have piles as they grow older.

👉 42% of a bodybuilder who lifts heavy weight suffers piles at some point during their bodybuilding career.

👉 5 out of 10 pregnant women are struggling with piles during pregnancy.

👉 In India, there are more than 10 lakh active chronic cases of piles add-on each year.

Piles are affecting more and more people in India because of bad lifestyle choices such as fast food and lack of exercise.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle and eating good nutrition is the only right solution due cure piles permanently.

Here we come with a complete step-by-step, tried and tested, extremely effective specialized diet to cure piles permanently.

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