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The perfect gift that you have been looking for many years.

If you are dreaming of curing disease with certain lifestyle changes then this exceptional book is here to help you do so.

Here in this, we have a step-by-step designed solution for the top 15 most widely common lifestyle diseases.

You will get the tried and tested most advanced diets along with a packed workout routine to get back to optimal health status in the minimum possible time.

Top 15 Diseases Covered within this book are:-
 Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, Fatty Liver, Kidney Stone, Sexual Problems, Hepatitis, Piles, Sinus, Immunity, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Atrophy, Gastric Problems, Gluten Sensitivity.

Key Highlight:-

✅ 15 Advanced Diet Plans for Top 15 Above Mentioned Diseases

✅ 15 Advanced Workout Plans for Top 15 Above-Mentioned Diseases

✅ Contains all the best tried and tested diets & workouts used throughout the world

✅ All easy-to-make Indian meals are included in these diets

✅ The Exact Quantity of Ingredients used is mentioned

✅ Veg & Non-Veg Diet options

✅ Exercise Video Link Mentioned

✅ Herbs Suggestion

✅ Stunning Pdf Layout

✅ Keynotes