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You are not what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb.

Great news for you, now you can read & learn the best-advanced information on the human digestive system in an efficiently written format.

A complete well-structured book on the human digestive system, covering all the major topics is now available to download.

Key Highlights:-

✅ Full Notes of Chapter 2 Nutrition Course

✅ Human Organ System

✅ Human Digestive System

✅ Phases of Digestion: Cephalic, Gastric, Intestinal

✅ Steps of Digestion

✅ Digestion in Mouth

✅ Digestion in the Stomach

✅ Digestion in the Small Intestine

✅ Digestion in the Large Intestine

✅ Knowledge Base for Concept Clarification

✅ Lipoprotein Lipase Clarification

✅ Cholesterol Clarification

✅ Lymphatic System Clarification

✅ Clarification on Villi Nutrient Absorption

✅ First Pass Metabolism: Clarification

✅ Lymphatic System Functions

✅ Clarification on Lipids

✅ Distinctive Classification of Lipids

✅ Classification of Fats

✅ Distinctive Classification of Fats

✅ Answers to Important Confusing Questions

✅ Lipid Metabolism: Fate of Fats

✅ Pancreas Role in Digestion

✅ Distribution of Pancreatic Cells & Role

✅ Gut Flora

✅ Liver Chapter

✅ Liver Span Measurement

✅ Liver Structural Unit

✅ Liver Blood Supply

✅ Liver Knowledge Base

✅ Liver Working Unit: Lobules

✅ Lobule Structure & Working

✅ Functions of Liver

✅ Important Books Suggestions

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