i.Wander: The Definitive Guide to Travel Hacking

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You have a desire to travel around the world - a desire of most Indians (as per IMRB), second only to owning a home. But you find that travel, especially international trips is expensive. It is not. You can travel abroad at much less...sometimes even FREE! This is where Travel Hacking comes in.

What is Travel Hacking?

Travel Hacking is use of certain strategies, tactics and tools to bag travel deals. You can enjoy low cost (and sometimes free) foreign travel by techniques like exploiting airline frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty points. Perhaps you knew that you can earn frequent flyer miles and loyalty points by flying more with your preferred airline or by enjoying stays at your choice of hotels. But, what if you could earn these miles and points without flying and staying??!!

i.Wander : The Definitive Guide to Travel Hacking

This PDF eBook has more than 110 pages of no-fluff, hands-on guidance on all aspects of travel hacking. Whether you are a family, a business traveller or a youngster, this eBook will let you in on the simple techniques which will enable you to travel in comfort at low cost or even free and with no stress.

i.Wander: The Definitive Guide to Travel Hacking will provide you with insights on the following:

-How can you earn airmiles & loyalty points using credit cards & without them?
-Which frequent flyer program should you join? Why?
-When should you buy an air ticket to minimize cost? Which airline? How?
-When should you travel? (It has nothing to do with auspicious times )
-How can you travel in style – for less / no money? (Private jets, condos, lounge access, limousines etc)
-Where and when should you book your accommodation?
-How can you save money on attractions and tours?
…and much more

How This Guide will Benefit You

Save Money. i.Wander will empower you to save money instantly, right from its first chapter. As you apply the formula on other aspects, you will gain more. How about a saving of at least Rs. 10,000 on ONE trip per person (approximate value). Now, multiply that with the number of members in your family or group and by the number of trips you will take and suddenly the savings become huge. So, for an investment of Rs. 149, you are getting returns of more than hundreds or thousand times. So which guide will save you that much?

Save Time. I have written this guide based on own experience and after reading, analysing and making sense of almost 100+ travel blogs and forums online as well as books. The result is a distilled ebook without the verbosity.

Still Have Questions?

Why am I Qualified to Write this eBook?

I am a military guy, engineer and an avid traveller – which implies that the military has given me the skills & discipline for planning our travels, the engineering has given me the rational, calculating brain, while travelling across the nation and the globe has given me the experience and practical knowledge of travel. Did I mention that my father was in the airline industry?

Why is the eBook costing Rs. 149 when lot of the info is available on the Internet for free?

Okay, sure. First up, about 30% of the stuff is available on the Internet for free (like all other information). You will need to look up hundreds of travel and lifestyle related websites, blogs and forums, read up on various airline and hotel material to get that 60%. Moreover, lot of that info is for the US. What I have done is researched the material off the Internet, some offline sources and collate them in a clutter-free, coherent, easy to understand eBook tailored for us in India. And I have added our own travel experiences to get you first hand information.