Monex New Latest Model Laundry Iron 750w Dry Iron (Black, 10 pounds)

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Deson Heavy weight Iron Box Package content 1 Dry Iron Box Used: Tailoring Shops, Laundrimats, Hotels, Hostels , Cloth Factories, Uniform Stiching Units and even Domestic Use. Heavy Cast Iron Base that is built to last in the iron box. Attractive looks with powerful performance. Cast Iron Base Electrical Iron for smooth ironing along with a very long life. A Trusted Company with more than 20 years experience in the Field. Our Cast Base Iron retains heat for a longer period of Time. The Dial Knob can be used to adjust the temperature depending on the type of cloth to be ironed . Limited Stocks !A prefect Gift for loved ones that will last long. All heavy irons emmit smoke for first 5 mins or 10 mins of usage due to the moisture inside the Asbestos sheet. This is only for the first usage , and after that it becomes normal