A Lilac Love Affair - The Pollachi Papyrus, October 2018

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Despite heavy damage and destruction that the excess rainfall had caused along the Western Ghats of Kerala and Karnataka, it had been a prosperous monsoon for Pollachi. But, the highlands of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, especially Valparai, were affected due to landslides in multiple locations, causing serious damage to the pristine forest vegetation and human habitations in multiple areas.

But soon, rains ceased, the sun was out, birds started singing again; life sprung anew and just like that people and every living being that calls this wonderful place home, resumed normal life.

Now, travel and enjoying outdoors is possible again, after a brief suspension and with the festival season approaching, the place thrums with renewed energy that will leave you refreshed and enchanted.

Come, explore and evoke the wonder and excitement of being alive!