The Pollachi Papyrus, October 2017

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Festivities bring together Men, Nature and traditions. Much of Pollachi’s folklore is tied to the seasons and events of the natural world and performance of native art forms are a celebratory indication for the changing of the seasons. During these tamil months of Aippasi and Margazhi (mid-October to mid-January) Pollachi’s vibrant cultural tapestry comes alive, with a carnival of dance, music and lights. Coming winter days, Pollachi and its surrounding villages will be filled with bursts of color and you have diverse experiences to indulge in while visiting the town. From enjoying folk music and traditional dance forms like Thevar Aatam to braving the cold winds to ride a bicycle along the scenic lanes to taking-in a breath of fresh jungle air while on a trek in the dense jungle of Anamalais, Pollachi has a lot to offer for every new-age traveller seeking diverse experiences.