5 DAY Digital Marketing Workshop For Lead Generation

  • Start Date: Feb. 1, 2018, 11 a.m.
  • End Date: Feb. 6, 2018, 5 p.m.
  • Venue: 27/1 Gulab Bagh, Opposite Audi Showroom, Near Metro Wholesale, Indore

Thanks For Showing your Interest in 3 Step Digital Marketing Lead Generation Workshop

And Congratulations! Because What I am About To Share with You is going to change the Financial aspect of your Life Forever!

But Before Delving into the Nitty Gritty Of the 3 Step Digital Marketing Lead Generation Workshop, let's discuss A Few Pre-Requisites To the Course:

Who This Course Is Not For
- This Course is not for People Who are Trying to Scam people by selling low-quality Products, Services or Consultation Online
- This Course Is Not for people Who are looking for some "Get Rich Quick Methods"

Who this Course Is for
- This is For Entrepreneurs who are either already running a Business or are Aspiring Entrepreneurs; Very Keen On starting a Profitable Business soon
- This Workshop is going to be most helpful for people who are trying to Generate High-Quality Leads and clients For Their Products, Services, Freelancing Services or Consulting Business
- This will be most helpful for people who want to create a very solid client acquisition funnel using digital marketing techniques; So that you never have to worry again about where your next client is going to come from

Okay So now we have set the ground rules, Let's Start talking what Matters The Most!

Honestly, to EASILY hit your INCOME GOAL In Business, you Just Need These 3 things:

  1. A Product Or A Service that fills a GREAT and DEEP NEED — AKA don't offer something NO ONE WANTS
  2. Sell it to those that can EASILY AFFORD IT — AKA Don't sell to broke people and don't ever try competing on price, instead Generate Clients Who value Product/ Service Quality more than the Price Tag! This way you will be able to work with some of the Best and Educated Clients who are ready to pay for Good Services and thereby, You will have Much Higher Profit Margins Than Your Competitors who are trying to sell by Competing On Price!
  3. Have a SALES PROCESS that’s scalable — AKA sales should be fast, low cost, and stress free

Does that make sense?

Basically, offer something that people NEED and sell it to people who CAN EASILY AFFORD and make the SALES SYSTEM scalable.

If you hit these FOUR THINGS, then you can start & scale your income as much as you want.

Now Most Businesses Mostly Have just 1st But Struggle with the 2nd & 3rd Pre-Requisites Of A Highly Successful Business.

They have Great services to offer but they LACK the FUEL to run the Business Engine.

" They Don't have Paying Clients or what we call ACTUAL BUYERS"

Some Might Even have a few Customers But they do not have a way of generating High Paying Clients continuously and consistently For Their Business on Automated Mode; which is a must if you want to scale your Business Multiple Times!

Any Amount of effort put into business without a consistent stream of Buyers will never be able to grow your business MASSIVELY.

Here is where our 5 day DM Lead Generation Workshop comes into play.

The Complete Digital Marketing Funnel Which we will be building together in 5 Day workshop will be Like a "Tap" Of Clients.

You will be able to start generating leads for your business as and when you require and you can switch it off when you have enough Leads n Your Kitty.

This might sound unachievable. But, trust me this is the exact method I use for my own businesses and My Client's Brands when It Comes to MASSIVE Lead Generation.

To Achieve this and replicate it for your business, You will need just two systems.

  1. Create a system to Generate Quick New Leads for your business and Convert them into long-term clients.

  2. Create A Tribe For Your Brand who will be your raving fans. Having this Tribe will give you Instant Credibility Over Your Competitors & You Will be able to charge much more for your Products and Services in Near Future.

And this is exactly what we will be doing in our workshop - You will learn how you can start generating qualified leads for your business starting Today! & How You Can create an Audience for life who will be more than happy to buy stuff from you whenever you Offer!

So Coming to The Course Details, Here's What You Will Learn In the Course:

  1. How to Create Powerful Lead Generation campaigns for your Business and How you can Grow Faster and Bigger than your competitors (and every other Business out there because most Businesses are still not leveraging this technology)

  2. How to Create Facebook Ads and Ad copy that attracts high-quality leads at a low cost

  3. What Types of Ads you must be using for your business to start Getting clients Almost Instantly

  4. The 4 Elements You will Need to Build A Massive Business For Yourself In 2018

  5. How Can You Experiment with your New Business Ideas and see whether you will be able to generate money with it or not? (This will be most helpful if you are planning to launch new services or Products to your existing Model or are planning to start A New Venture Altogether from Scratch!)

  6. And Most importantly You will see Clients Pouring-In within 10-15 Days of learning the concepts of 5 Day DM Lead Generation Workshop.

I have used this EXACT model for many of my clients and my own businesses to see massive results but this is the first time I will be teaching it to other entrepreneurs of Indore.

This is going to be my first coaching batch in which I will be taking ONLY 10 entrepreneurs of Indore because I want this batch to be a massive success!!

And also, I will be able to give my best ONLY if I restrict the number of participants to a minimum.

That's Why I am selecting Just 10 Entrepreneurs or Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

This is going to be my mastermind group which will be a core group Associated with Us Forever!

I will be launching it pan India next month where the course Fee will be INR 32,000/- .

But for the Mastermind Batch, I am providing the complete Strategy at 7,999/-.

I am not giving it away for free or at lower prices than this because I want very Serious and passionate people to Join My Mastermind batch.

Because the Mastermind group will become part of our Core Team and I will be sharing My Client case Studies With the Mastermind group.

So If you think that you are a Perfect Fit For Our 3 Step DM Lead Generation Course then Please Click on the following link to register and pay.


And If You have any queries about the course whatsoever, do not hesitate to call at 9111999710. We are here to answer All Your Queries.