DFCCIL Guide (eBook) for Executive and Junior Executive Exam 2021 (Marketing + CRM + Railway) + 1000 MCQS

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This eBook is useful for Executive (Operations & BD) and Junior Executive (Operations & BD) exam. Index of the eBook given below.
Complete Theory Notes + Chapter wise MCQs
Customer Relationship Management
Chapter 1: Introduction to CRM
Chapter 2: Customer Value
Chapter 3: Profitability
Chapter 4: Closed Loop Marketing
Chapter 5: Analytical CRM
Chapter 6: Segmentation/Trends in CRM/e-CRM
Chapter 7: Sales Force Automation
Chapter 8: CRM Terminology
Indian Railways, DFCCIL
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: History
Chapter 3: Important Facts
Chapter 4: Indian Railways, DFCCIL Statistics
Chapter 5: Important MCQs (Including PYQs)
Indian Economy
Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Indian Economy and Planning
Chapter 2: Poverty, Unemployment and Alleviation Programmes
Chapter 3: Currency and Inflation
Chapter 4: Indian Banking System and Capital Market
Chapter 5: Fiscal System of India
Chapter 6: Economic Survey 2021 & Union Budget 2021
Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Topics (International Organizations, Multinational Companies, Economics Terminology)
Marketing Theory + 100 MCQs
800+ Most Important MCQs including Previous Year Paper