Production Planning & Control in Apparel Manufacturing

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This ebook covers following topics:
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Concept of Production Planning and Control
Chapter 3. Garment Manufacturing – An Overview
Chapter 4. PPC Department and Its Activities
Chapter 5. Production Planning & Control Procedure
Chapter 6. Production Planning Tools & Their Application
Chapter 7. Production Control
Chapter 8. Factory Capacity and Resources Analysis
Chapter 9. Line Planning
Chapter 10. Pre-Production Meeting
Chapter 11. Line Balancing
Chapter 12. Critical Path Method (CPM)
Chapter 13. Throughput Time Calculation
Chapter 14. Challenges in Production Planning and Control
Chapter 15. Organization Skills
Chapter 16. Problem Solving Tools
Chapter 17. Formats and Templates
Chapter 18. Tips and Tricks on PPC
Chapter 19. Glossary
Chapter 20. Recommended Books

In a nutshell, in this ebook, I have explained production planning tools that I used to use in practice. I will walk you through all relevant knowledge required in planning your production activities and controlling the plan efficiently.

This book is useful for apparel industry professionals such as

• Production planning and control
• Production manager
• Merchandiser
• Industrial engineer and
• Apparel production students

You will get 10 Excel templates with this ebook. The download link is given in the ebook.