Google Ads Course: Beginner To Advanced Course

₹ 999

Google Ads Course: Beginner To Advanced Course in Google Ads

This course will be spread across 10 days
Every day you will receive one chapter via email that includes the video tutorials.

Along with my course, you will have a one-on-one consultation with the trainer (me).

What you’ll learn by taking up this Google Ads course

  1. How to set up Google Ads from scratch
  2. What is a Keyword and understand the intent behind one
  3. How to find Keywords targeted for your business
  4. Keyword match types
  5. Negative Keywords and how they can save you money
  6. How to write ads that generate clicks
  7. Bidding Strategies
  8. Quality Score
  9. Ad Extensions
  10. How to set up and track conversions
  11. How to optimize Ad Campaigns
  12. Understanding the Audience Manager

and much more

This is part of the Mastery Course in Digital Marketing

In addition,
- Lifetime access to the courses
- My one-on-one consulting & mentorship

Enroll now and become an expert in Google Ads